New Year's Resolutions from the Free Library Staff

By Kate C. RSS Wed, December 30, 2015

Now that the gifts have been opened, (most of) the egg nog has been drank, and we've traveled back home from visits with friends and family, it's time to ring in 2016! We are pretty excited, mostly because it means NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! Below, our staff has shared some of their literary-themed resolutions—many of which can be attained using Free Library resources! What are your resolutions for the New Year?

Sam: I want to read through most of the books on my nightstand—books that I own, but that get shoved to the side when a library book comes in with a return date. And in a similar vein, I want to try to return my library books on time, which means reading them before the return date!

Kalela: My New Year’s Resolution is to save money by buying fewer books and using the Free Library’s collections more often!

John: Read one classic per month!

Alice: Re-read Alice in Wonderland!

Sandy: I resolve to finish the 900 pages of City on Fire and also try to read Ulysses (again).

Kate: My resolution is to finally get through all the books on my bookshelf at home before buying or borrowing new ones!

Adam: Meh. The Gregorian Calendar is so 223 orbits of the Sun ago. In the 224th year since the French Revolution I prefer to set my clock by the more modern Republican Calendar. New Year’s Day in the Common Era is just plain old Duodi the 12th of Nivôse to me. On that day, I’m certain to read about the earthy substance clay (“argile” in French), as each day in the revolutionary calendar honors a unique seasonally-appropriate plant, animal, tool, or useful rural substance. Our database, Gale Virtual Reference Library, can be a good source for diverse scholarly encyclopedic articles for my daily calendar-based read.

Rachel: There are so many interesting books being published in 2016. My resolution is to read at least three books a week in order to get through my huge ‘To Be Read’ pile!

Peter: Attend more Author Events and read more nonfiction.

Alix: I want to brush up on my Spanish using the Free Library’s Mango Languages database.

Jenn: Read more of everything, read everywhere, and read at every opportunity. Books rule!

Alicia: To read Ulysses before the Rosenbach's Bloomsday in June.

Julie: Beat my 2015 page-count of 21,000 pages read!

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions–reading oriented or otherwise? Let us know in the comments!

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To read at least two books a month and finish all the books I have started.
Sharyn - Germantown
Monday, January 4, 2016