Free Library in the News: December 19-31, 2015

By Samantha M. RSS Thu, December 31, 2015

West Philadelphia Regional Library to close for maintenance for ‘many months’
The Lucien E. Blackwell West Philadelphia Regional Library, which serves the communities of Cedar Park, Walnut Hill, West Market, Mill Creek, Dunlap, and West Park, is set to close on Thursday, Dec. 31 for maintenance, which may take many months, according to a recent announcement.


A ‘Patchwork’ of potent stories at St. Martin’s Church
Jeff Bullard, also of Chestnut Hill, works at the Free Library of Philadelphia by day but tells stories and attends storytelling sessions in his spare time.


'The Restaurant Critic's Wife': A novel from Mrs. LaBan
That name ring a bell? She is the author-wife of Inquirer restaurant critic Craig LaBan, and her tale follows a young woman adjusting to motherhood, life in a new city, and living with the fact-crazed, anonymity-obsessed restaurant critic for the Philadelphia Record (appearing 1/12)


Daniel Clowes | Patience
Time Out Philadelphia
Celebrated graphic novelist and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Daniel Clowes is the multiple Harvey, Ignatz, and Eisner Award-winning creator of the alternative comic Eightball. (appearing 3/3)


Santa at McPherson Square Library
Juniata News
Print article with photos—PDFs attached


The Future of Libraries and Why They Still Matter
WHYY/Radio Times
This is an interview featuring JOHN PALFREY who is Head of School at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, and our own president and director, SIOBHAN REARDON.


Lots of local chefs simmering in 'Hell's Kitchen' with Gordon Ramsay this season | More on Philly Food
Daily News
Elizabeth LaBan, now working on two other books (one in her usual young-adult category), has a few author events scheduled so far. For the launch, she will sit for a Q&A with Jennifer Weiner at the Central Library of the Free Library of Philadelphia at 7:30 p.m.


Duke to honor black architect who led campus design
News and Observer 
Abele was responsible for the design of such Philadelphia buildings as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Land Title Building (which came to house the offices of Trumbauer's firm), and a number of mansions. 


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland raises funds for The Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation
A surreal and dreamy world awaited those who attended ”Through the Looking Glass: A Wonderland Ball” offering guests tempting libations and a feast fit for the Mad Hatter from Jean-Marie LaCroix’s Brûlée Catering.


Weekly Entertainment Guide—Holiday Round Up
Free Library of Philadelphia is showcasing a collection of Beatrix Potter's original watercolors, handwritten manuscripts, first editions and collectibles - currently the largest Potter collection outside of Great Britain.


Oh so predictable: Trump plays kissy face with Putin
Actually, on this issue, Russian dissident (and former chess champion) Gary Kasparov is arguably Trump's most credible critic… (I interviewed Kasparov this fall at the Free Library of Philadelphia. During our stage talk, Kasparov compared Trump to Twitter: "Tastes good, no nutritional value, and too much makes you sick.") (appeared 10/28)


The biggest Philadelphia education stories of 2015
The citywide Read by 4th campaign, started in 2014, found its executive director and stepped up its campaign to raise awareness that teaching reading is, in fact, rocket science and requires a sustained commitment. More than 50 organizations are involved in the campaign, headed by the Free Library.


A handful of Christmas miracles this year
Features photo of Jimmy Carter’s Free Library visit in July


One Book, One Philadelphia
Podcast of interview with Kalela Williams and Cynthia Schemmer on Philadelphia Focus


Philly Best Events of the Year 2015
My #1 pick for the best event of the year, with the criteria being decor, participation and execution ta da: The Free Library of Philadelphia's year-end gala, Through the Looking Glass: A Wonderland Ball, which took place on December 5, 2015.


Winter break is here, but reading continues
The READ! by 4th campaign team is hosting one-hour winter break camps at three library branches around the city.


Radio Times in Review: Humorist Amy Sedaris, Writer Michael Lewis, Director Todd Haynes
We’ll listen to Marty’s conversation with comedian and author AMY SEDARIS, who joined us to discuss her oddball take on hosting a party. We’ll also hear from nonfiction author MICHAEL LEWIS. (appeared 11/2010 and 3/27)


Historian Stacy Schiff on the Salem Witch Trials
Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian STACY SCHIFF uses historical research to unpack the events surrounding the Salem witch trials in her new book The Witches: Salem, 1692. (Appeared 11/2)


All about the Pacific Ocean with writer Simon Winchester
During his long career as a journalist and author, SIMON WINCHESTER has written about volcanoes, earthquakes, maps and the history of the dictionary. (appeared 11/17)


Mary Beard on Rome & her book ‘SPQR’
This is the question that drove Cambridge University classicist MARY BEARD to write a new history of Rome and to make the case that this ancient history still matters today. (appeared 11/10)

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