"Stick-Figure Bobby" - A World Builders Writing Submission

By Tamoul Q. RSS Wed, May 4, 2016

The World Builders Writing Club is a diverse group of aspiring authors who meet once a month and showcase some of their work on the Free Library blog.

Please enjoy this first look at a new work-in-progress by one of our writers, and share your thoughts in the comments.


Stick-Figure Bobby
by Antoine Coleman

As the rain poured down heavily in the city of Sing Kao, there was only one thing that remained on his mind: Rebecca.

Where could she be and in what state was she? I.V.N. was notorious for having the most sophisticated security system in the world, but even though they had the benefit of technology on their side, he wasn’t going to let that get in the way of enjoying his revenge. Plus, nothing else would bring him more pleasure than to see the faces of his enemies begging and pleading for their lives, yet knowing that mercy wasn’t one of the services that he rendered.

The place he had entered to free her was crawling with dozens of guards who would give anything to see him dead. Their boss, Xernie Elbisson, was completely stern (let’s just say obsessive) about the orders he gave to his men. After seeing his plans fail before, he was making certain that it wouldn’t ever happen again. 

As he continued to survey the area for the best possible way to gain access to the building, he happened to notice that there was a storm drain that emptied out into a nearby river over eight miles away, which he could use to his advantage. Traveling from his original position, maintaining a great blend of stealth and ingenuity, he managed not to be seen by any of the guards. As he navigated the rocks, climbing down several feet to the storm drain, he found out that it was not only blocked with titanium steel bars that went from top to bottom, but there were streams of red laser light placed horizontally and separated four inches apart. Within seconds of seeing this, he is past the obstacle and proceeding on with his mission. Not a signal sounds alerting anyone to his presence.

As a group of guards continuing with their job of surveillance unknowingly pass him, they are immediately taken out by him. His body seems completely fluid in motion. As he still manages to hide in the shadows and the noise of the rainfall coves his movements, he figures out a way to evade guards at every turn, making it to the level where his friend is being held. Being caught unware, the guards find it surprising that no one is able to hear him before they see him. Therefore they resort to shooting as he approaches them.

“Ah shit, man! What is it?” One guard asks another.

“I don’t know. Just keep firing…” replies the second guard; but with every bullet that leaves their pistols, nothing hits their target.

As he tries to keep the barrage going, and dodge the ammunition they are sending his way at such a furious pace, he ends up making a drastic mistake – having the bullets hit him dead center in the chest. Thinking quickly, he spins, reflecting the bullets back in the shooters direction, leaving two dead bodies laid out on the onyx-colored floor and holding half-filled, semi-automatic weapons as a result.

Taking the keys from a dead guard’s hand, he proceeds to open the door to where his friend is being held captive. As the light from the hallway rushed into the room, chasing the grip of darkness away, he finds that his friend is chained to a wall secured by huge spikes. Searching for the key on the keychain that he acquired from the guard, he finds that the one he needs is not there. He breaks off a piece from his finger and uses it to pick the lock, setting his friend free.

She is unconscious. He picks her up off the floor, making sure not to hurt her more that she has been already, but as he turns to leave, he is greeted by some unpleasant company.

“Robert, I’m so glad you could join us,” say Paxilu in a sarcastic tone, a smug expression on his face. He has several guards at his back.

“Where’s your boss, Paxilu?” Bobby says in frustration, sizing up his opposition in the doorway. “You already know I have no dealings with you.”

“Oh, don’t worry, we’ll get to that later,” Paxilu responds.

“No, you’re wrong. We’ll get to that now.” Bobby corrects, but knowing what the owners of I.V.N. are privy to, he has far worse things to concern himself with than this fight in which he is about to engage.

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All I can say is WOW! I want to read more.
MJ - Dysart, PA
Wednesday, June 1, 2016