Fun Summer Books for Kids

By Sarah S. RSS Tue, June 7, 2016

How do you celebrate summer? Be sure to join us at the Free Library for Summer Reading! Kids of all ages can visit their local neighborhood library beginning on Monday, June 13 to earn prizes by reading and playing games, or skip the wait and begin playing our Online Summer Reading game now!

Here are a few great book recommendations for young children:

Splash! by Flora McDonnell
Tiger is hot. Rhinoceros is hot. All the animals are HOT! What are they to do? They follow baby elephant down to the water hole and—SPLASH!—they all cool off.

Summer by Ailie Busby
How do you know it’s summer? Sunshine, playing in water, and summery food! This board book for young children follows a child’s day in the hottest season.

A Beach Tail by Karen Lynn Williams, illustrated by Floyd Cooper
A little boy draws a lion in the sand while at the beach with his father. As the lion’s tail gets longer and longer, he finds a castle, a jellyfish, and a crab. But how will he find his way back to Dad?

You can find more great Summer Reading suggestions from our Library Community!

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