Determination to Excel

By Aisha A. RSS Thu, June 16, 2016

By Mary Liu
2015-16 College Prep Program participant 

The quotation "the rich will always get richer" is the epitome of our country. The majority of the students around me have the funding to get a college prep course, while students like me, who are from low-income families, have a slim chance. Free college prep courses are limited in space and most of the time the duration is too short. To have a chance to stand equal with the privileged, I attended the College Prep Program at the Free Library.

I found out about the College Prep Program through a friend. Even though the class only met once a week, the Free Library offered a variety of programs that went on throughout the year. We had access to free online courses, but I find physical classrooms are much more personalized and effective. This program brought in math and English tutors to help us with problems we struggled with. Staff provided college resources and information about upcoming scholarships and they gave me the ambition, courage, and confidence to dream big.

College exam preparation is the catalyst to your future, because how you score determines where you end up. The only thing in life you can control is your determination to excel, so if this course is being offered for free—take advantage of it. Although the rich will always get richer, the poor will be rich in their neverending dedication to succeed.

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College Prep Program

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