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By Monica C. RSS Fri, February 17, 2017

Philadelphia is home to the nation’s first Mint facility, and it is here that the largest number of U.S. pennies is manufactured. Pretty cool, right? Which links nicely with our next selection for Picture Book Highlights—a series in which we highlight a brand-new picture book ordered for all agencies.

In One Proud Penny, written by Randy Siegel and illustrated by Serge Bloch, Philadelphia gets top billing right from the start: It is here that our hero, one proud and sturdy penny, is born and begins its adventure. And what an adventure it is! In a text full of information and humor, we follow this one penny around the country, learning about its role in our history and economy. It's easy sometimes to think that a single cent is not really that important (or worth picking up from the sidewalk), but as this book shows, there is nothing trivial about a penny!

And who's on the face of every penny? President Abraham Lincoln, of course! In 1909 President Lincoln was put on the penny in celebration of his 100th birthday. It was the first time a portrait was used on a U.S. coin. A great honor for a great president!

Visit your neighborhood library to find this book and more!

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Thanks for this post! When my grandchildren came to town we read the book, then went to the US Mint to watch the coins being made. After that the boys counted all our old pennies and put them into wrappers. then they took them to the bank and traded them for paper money. It was a fun afternoon!
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Thank you for sharing! We are happy to hear you and your grandchildren enjoyed the book and had such a great afternoon in the city!
Monica C.
Thursday, April 20, 2017