The Academy Awards: Bingo, Ballots, and Books!

By Jen W. RSS Wed, February 22, 2017

The Academy Awards, also referred to as the Oscars, will be broadcast on Sunday, February 26. This is the biggest night of the year in my household. We host a party every year and have a blast with trivia, bingo, costume contests—and the biggest contest of all—Oscar Picks! The person who picks the most winning movies gets to take home a mini-oscar statue. There are some great resources online for you to host the Oscar party of your dreams.  

Oscar Bingo
If you have a crowd coming over, Oscar Bingo is a fun game that keeps everyone focused on the awards and provides some awesome comic relief. Use a pre-made printable bingo sheet or create your own!

Oscar Ballot
For non-techy Oscar fans, there are lots of printable Oscar Ballots out there. Have all your guests fill one out when they arrive and mark them off old-school style as the winners are announced throughout the night.

For advanced techy Oscar fans...This year, I found a Google form that will make figuring out the winner even easier. You must have a Google account to use it.

  • Copy this template to your Google account by clicking on the button at the top.  
  • Click on "Form" link, then "Edit Form" and put in this year's nominees.
  • You can change it to a Quiz in the settings and share it with all your friends.
  • Then add in the correct answers as the night progresses and after the show is over, send the results to everyone who put in their guesses.

You may want to test it out with a few friends to get the hang of it, but it is pretty cool!

Books to Screen
While many of the big movies nominated this year are not yet out of theaters, you can read the stories that some of this year's movies are based on, as well as catch up on the hits of last year.  

2017 Nominees for Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
Check out these inspiring stories from the library!
Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang    Fences    Hidden Figures    A Long Way Home

View the above nomination announcements and all the rest of this year's Academy Award-nominated categories

What films, actors, directors, and writers do you think will win an Oscar this year? Let us know in the comments!

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