Hey, Kids! Want to Get Smart About Money?

By Teresa A. RSS Wed, April 19, 2017

Here at The Free Library of Philadelphia, we talk a lot about literacy. Literacy, as you may know, is all about learning to read and improving your reading skills. But there's another kind of literacy also important to your enjoyment of and success in life. Financial literacy! April has been designated as National Financial Literacy Month. So, do you want to get smart about money? Then check out these great books at your neighborhood library

Dollars and Sense:  a Kid's Guide to Using--Not Losing--Money by Elaine Scott
This fun, informative guide to money explains the history of banking, how our American economy works, and how to make important decisions about personal finance.



The Survival Guide for Money Smarts: Earn, Save, Spend, Give by Eric Braun
This guide to money management for kids has ideas for setting money goals, delaying gratification, being thrifty, building self-esteem, giving to charity, and making socially responsible spending and donating decisions. Includes true success stories about real kids who made smart financial decisions.



Show Me the Money: Big Questions About Finance by Alvin Hall
This book has sections on economics, business, personal finance, and the history of trade.  It has easy-to-understand text, diagrams, and illustrations to help make the concepts easy to grasp.  The 2016 edition has been updated to include environmental issues and social awareness.




A Smart Girl’s Guide: Money: How to Make It, Save It, and Spend It, revised edition by Nancy Holyoke
What's the trick to saving cash for something big and being a better shopper? In this book, girls learn how to not only spend that cash, but also how to earn it. The quizzes, tips, and helpful quotes from other girls make learning about money management easy and fun.





The History of Money: From Bartering to Banking by Martin Jenkins
This picture book for older readers has short, snappy chapters to explain the history of money and banking. Can be read in one sitting.





Follow Your Money: Who Gets It, Who Spends It, Where Does It Go? by Kevin Sylvester
Discover the path your money takes as it goes for everything from the raw materials used to make a product, to the workers who produce it and the advertisers who promote it.





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