13 Screamingly Scary Movies to Stream This Friday the 13th!

By Peter SM RSS Fri, April 13, 2018

Today, April 13, is the first of two Friday the 13ths occurring in 2018. The next one arrives exactly 13 weeks later on July 13!

The only logical thing to do on such a superstitious occassion is to stay (safely) inside away from black cats, open ladders, spilled salt, cracked sidewalks, broken mirrors, and other horrific hazards and stream some screamingly scary sinema! We've increased our digital media offerings with the recent addition of on-demand video streaming service Kanopy and the newest integration of the Hoopla app on Roku, Apple, Fire, and Android TVs, so there's never been a better time to check out a movie. All you need is your library card, an internet connection, and a tv, tablet, or phone to watch!

Scope out these 13 recommendations with accompanying 13-word descriptions (natch)!

Dario Argento’s gorgeous and gruesome “Giallo” Technicolor nightmare accompanied by scary surround-sound score.


Donnie Darko
Demonic rabbit-man taunts troubled teen with deadly visions of past and future events.


The 'Burbs
Suburban cul-de-sac gets in a satanic panic over weirdo neighbors on the block.


A comatose patient terrorizes hospital staff with his creepy eyes and psychokinetic powers.


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Mysterious doctor hypnotizes people to perform nefarious acts in German Expressionistic nightmare world.


The Beyond
Old spooky southern hotel built over the entrance to Hell devours guests' souls.


Carnival of Souls
A woman straddles between the fractured worlds of the living and the dead.


Docu-horror of superstitions and witchcraft through the ages, narrated by William S. Burroughs.


The Sound
Supernatural skeptic debunks paranormal sightings using soundwaves which then conjures up unforeseen evil.


Dementia 13
Francis Ford Coppola and Roger Corman present a creepy castle cinematic murder mystery.


A Fantastic Fear of Everything
Children’s author turned crime novelist becomes obsessed with murder and confronts his fears.


The Sentinel
Secret society of excommunicated priests inhabit brownstone which is actually gateway to hell!


Friends fight mysterious mortician “The Tall Man”, who presides over dreamlike dimensional otherworld.


If you survive watching the 13 films above, you can search directly from our online catalog for more Streaming Video.

What are some of your favorite scary and superstitious-themed movies? Let us know in the comments!

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