Picture Book Highlights | How to Be a Lion

By Monica C. RSS Mon, July 9, 2018

Pressure to conform can be difficult to resist. It is hard to defy expectations, to be true to oneself, when one is facing peer pressure. It takes courage (and sometimes a friend) to find comfort in being who we are, even when everyone says that is not the way to be.

Which bring us to How to Be a Lion by author/illustrator Ed Vere—our July Picture Book Highlights selection, a series where we put the spotlight on a book that has been ordered for all branches.

This book is about a lion who defies stereotypes. You see, Leonard is a lion—a gentle, thoughtful, and rather poetic lion. But the other lions don’t understand: “Lions are FIERCE!” they say, and they expect Leonard to follow their ways. One day, Leonard meets Marianne, a poetic duck herself, and they become best friends. But can a lion befriend a duck? The other lions tell Leonard that is going too far. Lions eat ducks! What are Leonard (and Marianne) to do? You'll have to read the book to find out!

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