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By Emily Fri, December 29, 2006
Merriam-Webster's website published its Word of the Year as well as its Top Ten List of 2006. Compare 2006's list to those of 2005, 2004, and 2003 and its possible to get an idea of the themes that dominated public discourse over the years.


Study for your jobs and family. Be yourself to be happy with youself or life jobs and family and etc. And Happy Holidays for everyone. Carmen Figueroa
Carmen Figueroa - Philadelphia Wed, December 01, 2010
Funny to see that google was #2. Who could have predicted it would become such an influential force at that time? Frank L. DeFazio Frank@CenterCityTeam.com www.CenterCityTeam.com
frank - Philadelphia Mon, August 01, 2011

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