Picture Book Highlights | Brown: A Deep and Varied Joy

By Jeff B. RSS Wed, February 12, 2020

Magnificence sometimes appears in the most commonplace observations.

In the poetic celebration of self and nature, Magnificent Homespun Brown: A Celebration is a series of young brown girls admiring the many different browns in their environments and in their own images.

"Deep secret brown...playfully beckoning me / through my grandmother's kitchen window...." A girl gazes, smiling, out the window at a scene of the natural world. On the next spread, a close-up of a bespectacled girl's face is accompanied by the line, "Deep secret brown...like my eyes."

Another girl admires the "feathery brown" of tree shadows on a hike with her daddy and then the "feathery brown" of her eyelashes.

Still, another tastes the "amber brown" of honey from her aunt's hive and admires the "amber brown" of her own hair.

Each girl is featured with family members or friends, relating to nature, and on her own having fun or in a reflective moment. The text of the poem is delightfully filled with rich imagery and luscious language, complex enough to grow into but familiar enough to enjoy at any age. Juanita's earth-toned illustrations are joyful and remarkably inclusive. The girls, their friends, and family wear a variety of hairstyles; there are characters in hijabs, one with vitiligo, a child in a wheelchair, and an adult without a hand. Readers may find themselves wondering whether this is the same girl in many aspects or many--and then contemplating their own multifaceted natures. This "celebration" makes magic out of the everyday joys of being in the world.

What are some facets of your nature? What is your favorite place to think and reflect?

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ho do i read the book anybody somebody someone
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Thursday, October 22, 2020

can someone help me find and read the book
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