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By Monica C. RSS Wed, January 22, 2020

It’s that time of the year. where winter has just started and with it more cold days and colder nights. Looking for something to warm up your heart and tummy? How about soup?

Making soup together is a bonding experience: gathering ingredients, chopping and preparing the meal, waiting for it to get ready and then enjoying it together. Let’s get started!

Every Color Soup by Jorey Horley
We begin with the basics: all you need is a pot, a spoon, an adult helper, and vegetables of many colors to make a very special soup! Learn colors and vegetable names in this bright and colorful picture book with minimal text, perfect for the beginning reader. The bright, graphic art and simple text make this vibrant book a perfect read-aloud for budding cooks and their families. And it comes with a recipe!


Soup Day by Melissa Iwai
A mother and child spend a snowy day together buying and preparing vegetables, assembling ingredients, and playing while their big pot of soup bubbles on the stove. Includes a recipe for "Snowy Day Vegetable Soup."






Freedom Soup by Tami Charles; illustrated by Jacqueline Alcantara
Every year, Haitians all over the world ring in the new year by eating a special soup, a tradition dating back to the Haitian Revolution. This year, Ti Gran is teaching Belle how to make the soup — Freedom Soup — just like she was taught when she was a little girl. Together, they dance and clap as they prepare the holiday feast, and Ti Gran tells Belle about the history of the soup, the history of Belle’s family, and the history of Haiti, where Belle’s family is from.



Looking for more? Head to our Mmm, Mmm, Soup booklist. Do you have a favorite soup? Let us know in the comments. Mine is Black Bean Soup!

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