Spend Your Leap Day at the Free Library!

By Kate C. RSS Fri, February 28, 2020

Happy (almost) Leap Day!

That’s right, tomorrow is that special bonus day that comes around once every four years. The date of February 29 is added in various solar calendars, including the Gregorian calendar, to the years divisible by four to account for the fact that the Earth’s orbital revolution around the sun takes longer than 365 days. The addition of a Leap Day compensates for this lag and realigns the calendar with the Earth’s position to keep the seasons on track. Cool, huh?

All of that means… we get an extra day in 2020! So, why not spend it at the Free Library? Here are a few fun ways you can celebrate with us:

Head to your neighborhood library! Beginning last year, all Free Library locations now offer six-day service and are open on Saturdays. Check with your local library before heading out for a storytime or another fun event near you!





Celebrate Leap Day at the Oak Lane Library with an origami leap frog craft! Stop by the children’s area from 11:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. to join in. Origami paper will be provided.





Borrow a copy of the Amy Adams movie Leap Year, available in our catalog and at your local library!









There's a bonus day of Black History Month! A book talk, dance party, and matinee movie highlight the final day of our robust slate of programs that took place all month long across Philadelphia.




Dig in to our online calendar to learn more about the event offerings available across the city tomorrow.




No matter what you decide to do, make the most of your bonus day!

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