Raise Your Hand for Teacher Appreciation Week!

By Jennifer E. RSS Fri, May 8, 2020

We are big fans of teachers here at the Free Library! From class visits, helping plan lessons, and reading suggestions to participating in professional development opportunities for educators—teachers and librarians have a natural partnership.

We would be remiss to let an opportunity to acknowledge and thank them for the hard work they do pass us by. And since 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has designated the first week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week.

This year, it seems more important than ever to acknowledge and honor our educators. With the abrupt end to the traditional school year, teachers and educators have had to scramble to make at-home learning a reality for their students – altering their lesson plans, preparing take-home packets, dealing with new technology and platforms, figuring out ways to make things accessible for individual students who may not have as many resources, or whose learning style is challenged by this new norm, among many other circumstances. Not to mention, there’s still the regular, everyday task of teaching a class full of individuals, each of whom have their own interests, needs, and abilities. Oh, and could you make it all fun and educational at the same time?

It’s a lot. And it isn’t easy.

As Shonda Rhimes tweeted...

"Been homeschooling a 6-year old and 8-year old for one hour and 11 minutes. Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year. Or a week."

While we can’t offer a billion dollars, we can say thank you and that we appreciate you, and encourage everyone to chime in and #ThankATeacher.

So, thank you, teachers! You are awesome!

We hope that some of the remote learning resources we’ve shared will make this current moment a little more manageable for you. When all this has passed, perhaps you will connect with your neighborhood library, schedule a visit, and take advantage of one of our many opportunities for educators.

Until then, maybe relax with a good book, a long soak in the bath, and your favorite sweet treat. You deserve it!

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