New Titles Coming to the Free Library in July!

By Paul A. RSS Fri, July 3, 2020

In this time of self-reflection and evaluation of our own and our society's biases and attitudes around race, our suggestions include new titles in which race is a central theme, as well as a primer on voting and why it matters. We think you'll find them thought-provoking and enlightening.

Young Children (Up to 2nd Grade)

Antiracist Baby written by Ibram X. Kendi; illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky

ebook available via Overdrive

Take your first steps with Antiracist Baby! Or rather, follow Antiracist Baby’s nine easy steps for building a more equitable world. With bold art and thoughtful yet playful text, the youngest readers and the grown-ups in their lives are introduced to the concept and power of anti-racism. Providing the language necessary to begin critical conversations at the earliest age, Antiracist Baby is the perfect board book for readers of all ages dedicated to forming a just society.


Older Children (3rd Grade to 6th Grade)

Poisoned Water: How the Citizens of Flint, Michigan, Fought for Their Lives and Warned the Nation by Candy J Cooper and Marc Aronson

ebook available via Overdrive

In April of 2014, the city's water supply switched from the Detroit-treated waters of Lake Huron to the locally pumped, pollutant-laden Flint River. Citizens immediately noticed that something was wrong. The water reeked, wasn't transparent, and tasted awful. Those who consumed or even touched it experienced pains, rashes, hair loss, and other mysterious illnesses. Tests revealed it was loaded with toxins, bacteria, and extremely high quantities of lead. Though residents' collective health and pocketbooks suffered, they refused to bear injustice in silence. Flint stands today, not due to proper oversight or intervention, but because the community stands together. Their story should ignite us all-especially the next generation of citizen activists.


Teen Fiction

A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow

ebook and audiobook available via Overdrive

This book is a captivating modern fantasy about black mermaids, friendship, and self-discovery set against the challenges of today's racism and sexism. In a society determined to keep her under lock and key, Tavia must hide her siren powers. Meanwhile, Effie is fighting her own family struggles, pitted against literal demons from her past. Together, these best friends must navigate through the perils of high school's junior year. But everything changes in the aftermath of a siren murder trial that rocks the nation, and Tavia accidentally lets out her magical voice at the worst possible moment. Soon, nothing in Portland, Oregon, seems safe. To save themselves from drowning, it's only Tavia and Effie's unbreakable sisterhood that proves to be the strongest magic of all.


Adult Fiction

Saving Ruby King by Catherine Adel West

ebook available via Overdrive
audiobook available via Hoopla

When Ruby King's mother is found murdered in their home in Chicago's South Side, the police dismiss it as another act of violence in a black neighborhood. But for Ruby, it's a devastating loss that leaves her on her own with her violent father. While she receives many condolences, her best friend, Layla, is the only one who understands how this puts Ruby in jeopardy. Their closeness is tested when Layla's father, the pastor of their church, demands that Layla stay away. But what is the price for turning a blind eye? In a relentless quest to save Ruby, Layla uncovers the murky loyalties and dangerous secrets that have bound their families together for generations. Only by facing this legacy of trauma head-on will Ruby be able to break free. An unforgettable debut novel, Saving Ruby King is a powerful testament that history doesn't determine the present and the bonds of friendship can forever shape the future.


Adult Nonfiction

Lost Companions: Reflections on the Death of Pets by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

ebook and audiobook available via Overdrive

From Masson (What Animals Can Teach Us About the Origin of Good & Evil; Dogs Never Lie About Love) comes a heartfelt book about grieving for one's nonhuman family members. He affirms the need to mourn our pets as well as ways to help them in their final moments by offering stories that allow readers to explore their own responses and reactions to death and find ways to memorialize loved animals.



What You Need to Know about Voting—And Why written by Kim Wehle; Illustrated by Penny Ross Burk

ebook available via Overdrive
audiobook available via RBDigital

The first step to changing the world is exercising your right to vote. Constitutional scholar and law professor Kim Wehle offers a practical, useful step by step guide on the mechanics of voting. Included is an enlightening survey of voting’s history and future including the Electoral College, gerrymandering, term limits, voter fraud and voter suppression. She introduces readers to the not so simple procedure of first registering, and then voting, a process that differs from state to state. For new voters, would-be voters, young people and anyone looking ahead to the next election, What You Need to Know About Voting—and Why is an informative guide, providing the background you need in order to make informed choices.


You can find these new titles and many more great ebooks, audiobooks, streaming movies and music in our catalog!

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I have NEVER been able to download Free Library books to my Nook. Never!!!... Please reopen the Libraries as soon as you think it's safe for all.
Sandy C. Bauer
Saturday, July 11, 2020

Hi Sandy - We're sorry to hear you're having trouble downloading eBooks. Please use this form to give us more details and we'll get back to you shortly:
Jamie B. - Free Library of Philadelphia
Monday, July 13, 2020