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By Monica C. RSS Thu, August 20, 2020

Have you ever gone bird watching? It’s amazing what you discover when you’re paying attention.  Birds living right in your backyard, on your street, in the park.  Once you start to notice them, there is so much more to learn!  Birds big and small, nesting near your home and far away in the world, migrating birds that travel great distances -- these books will help you learn something about the amazing world of birds!

How to Find a Bird written by Jennifer Ward; illustrated by Diana Sudyka

ebook available in Overdrive.

Young bird lovers will adore this lushly illustrated introduction on how to spot and observe our feathered friends. It features more than fifty different species, from the giant whooping crane to the tiny ruby-throated hummingbird, and so many in between, with detailed author’s notes providing even more information about birding for curious readers. This celebration of the wondrous variety, colors, and sounds of the avian world is sure to have children grabbing their binoculars and heading outside to explore.

Warbler Wave by April Pulley Sayre and Jeff Sayre

ebook available in Overdrive.

Discover the magic—and the science—behind the migration of warblers. The migrating warblers have arrived, to feed and preen, to refuel and rest before continuing on their amazing journey of thousands of miles. This photographic picture book captures in lush detail the story of these tiny, colorful, and diverse birds.

The Boy Who Drew Birds written by Jacqueline Davies; illustrated by Melissa Sweet

ebook available in Overdrive.

John James Audubon was a boy who loved the out-of-doors more than the in. He was a boy who believed in studying birds in nature, not just from books. And, in the fall of 1804, he was a boy determined to learn if the small birds nesting near his Pennsylvania home really would return the following spring. This book reveals how the youthful Audubon pioneered a technique essential to our understanding of birds. Capturing the early passion of America's greatest painter of birds, this story will leave young readers listening intently for the call of birds large and small near their own homes.

My Book of Birds by Geraldo Valério

ebook available in Overdrive.

The author of this book loves birds—from majestic golden eagles and snowy owls, to brilliant cardinals and jays, to the tiniest of hummingbirds. Here he presents his favorites with illustrations that show a variety of feathered creatures in their natural habitats as they hunt for food, impress their mates, nest, and care for their young. The concise, accessible text provides information ranging from clever techniques for finding food to remarkable physical features to fascinating behaviors.

Bird Talk: What Birds are Saying and Why by Lita Judge

ebook available in Overdrive.

Birds have lots of ways of communicating: They sing and talk, dance and drum, cuddle and fight. But what does all of the bird talk mean? Filled with gorgeous illustrations, this fascinating picture book takes a look at the secret life of birds in a child-friendly format that is sure to appeal to readers of all ages—whether they're die-hard bird-watchers or just curious about the creatures in their own backyards.

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