Poet of the Week--Nikki Giovanni

By Administrator RSS Thu, March 1, 2007

Nikki Giovanni (who will be reading at the Central Library this evening at 8:00 p.m.) is a poet known for her fearless exploration of race, womanhood, family, violence, and God. She attended Fisk University and was suspended from the school before the completion of her first year for refusing to adhere to the university's rules. She was re-admitted in 1964 and began writing for the school newspaper and taking writing workshops. In 1967, she started her own publishing company and produced a collection of poems, Black Feeling, Black Talk, as well as several albums featuring her poetry set to gospel music. In 1972, one of these albums, "Truth is On Its Way," was chosen as Best Spoken Album by the National Association of Radio and Television announcers. Her long career has yielded numerous awards and publications as well as developed the presence of strong female African-Americans voices in the literary canon.




i can be

alone by myself

i was

lonely alone

now i'm lonely

with you

something is wrong

there are flies


i go



"Little Debbi" of Philadelphia wrote, "Wonderful choice."


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