Picture Book Highlights | National Pizza Day

By Monica C. RSS Wed, February 9, 2022

Can you guess what one of the world’s favorite foods is?
It’s pizza!

Whether you bake it your own, eat it in a restaurant by the slice (or the whole pie!), or buy it frozen from a supermarket—pizza is a popular choice worldwide. There are all kinds of pizzas, and that’s one of its charms: thin or thick crust, with all kinds of toppings, traditional or not. It’s just hard to resist a hot slice of pizza coming out of the oven!

Let's celebrate National Pizza Day with these picture books that may just inspire you to grab a slice!


Rosa’s Big Pizza Experiment by Jessica Spanyol

Follow Rosa and her friends as they prepare pizzas! Each step involves using a skill, from measuring to observation. The activity involves lots of sensory experiences and can inspire readers to make their own pizza!

Every Night Is Pizza Night written by J. Kenji López-Alt; illustrated by Gianna Ruggiero

ebook available from Overdrive

Convinced that pizza is the best food, Pipo will eat nothing else until her fed-up parents send her on a quest to try other dishes in their multicultural neighborhood. She may just discover that "best" might not mean what she thought it meant!

Mitzvah Pizza written by Sarah Lynn Scheeerger; illustrated by Deborah Melmon

Missy is trying to decide what to buy during her weekly Daddy Day. She meets a new friend and learns she can buy pizza for people who cannot afford a slice.

Pizza Day by Melissa Iwai

A father and son spend a hot summer day together gathering vegetables and herbs, making pizza dough and sauce, and playing while their pizza bakes in the oven. Includes a recipe for Garden Pizza.

Secret Pizza Party written by Adam Rubin; illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

While Raccoon is eating pizza at his secret pizza party, he sees a masquerade party going on in the house next door to him and joins the fun. Also available as a DVD.

Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig

What do you do when Pete's in a bad mood? When it's raining and he can't go out and play? Turn him into a pizza, of course! Also available as a DVD.

How to Eat Pizza by Jon Burgeman

When a slice of pizza realizes it is about to get gobbled up, it quickly offers a few suggestions on what you can eat instead.

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party written by Kim Dean; illustrated by James Dean

ebook available from Overdrive

After inviting his friends over for a pizza party, Pete piles his favorite pepperoni topping on the pie he is making. When his guests arrive and add their own toppings to the pizza, Pete begins to wonder if his perfect pizza will be ruined.

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