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By Shayna M. RSS Fri, February 25, 2022

The Nourishing Literacy team has been creating a short series of audio shares with a focus on children and youth, highlighting skills and qualities that we practice and encourage in the kitchen. These shares include extended reflections and ideas beyond the kitchen context as well. 

Our first topic explored is... confidence

  • What does confidence mean to you?
  • What does confidence feel like to you?
  • How can being in the kitchen help to strengthen your confidence?

In this video, Shayna offers a journal prompt (0:39), Chrissy provides a kitchen idea (3:07), and Sunshine speaks about some of his experience (4:54).

The reflections shared in this piece feature our individual interpretations of this concept, during a moment in time. These ideas are just a few among the many, many ways that exist to experience and express confidence. We hope that these offerings will spark ideas for listeners, whether directly or indirectly. Maybe something will resonate, or maybe it will bring forward different, unique ideas around the topic of confidence.

If you have prompts, suggestions, and/or reflections related to the topic of confidence—either in or out of the kitchen—please consider sharing these with us: kitchen @ If open to it, we invite you to join us in a future audio piece. Additionally, if you have a recipe or cooking skill that inspires confidence, please let us know! 

Thank you Sunshine for editing the audio element of this piece, and thank you Erik Ildefonzo and Leanna Marks for helping to edit the video!

Nourishing Literacy offers food, literacy, wellness, and life skills activities and events to community members, with our core audience being the children, youth, teachers, and caregivers. Nourishing Literacy is made possible in part by a generous grant from the Edna G. Kynett Memorial Foundation.

To learn more about the Culinary Literacy Center, please visit our website or connect with us through Instagram and Facebook.

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