Tax Season 2023: Here’s All You Need to Know Before Filing

By Marija G. RSS Thu, February 2, 2023

2022 IRS Tax Return Updates and Paper Form Availability at the Library

The IRS tax season has begun. If you are used to picking up paper tax forms at your local library, you will notice a few changes. The Internal Revenue Service is not publishing the 1040 Form Booklet this tax season. In past years, the 1040 Form Booklet used to contain the 1040 Form, the 1040-SR for seniors, and Schedules 1-3. This year the library locations that participate in the IRS Tax Forms Outlet Program will only receive the following three tax return publications:

  1. 1040/1040 SR Combined Instruction Booklet 
  2. 1040 Tax Return Form
  3. 1040-SR Form - an optional, alternative tax return form that seniors can file

Due to these changes, Schedules 1, 2, 3 will not be available at library locations that participate in the IRS Tax Forms Outlet Program.

Form 1040, Form 1040-SR, and the combined 1040/1040-SR Instruction Books are now available in the Social Science and History Department at Parkway Central Library. To determine tax form availability at your local neighborhood library please call your library ahead of any planned visit to confirm access.

Alternatively, IRS paper forms and instructions can also be obtained by submitting an online order through the IRS website or by calling 1-800-829-3676.

Tax Inflation Adjustments 2022

The IRS announced annual inflation adjustments for more than 60 tax provisions. The changes of greatest interest to taxpayers include updates to the standard deduction and the Earned Income Tax Credit:

  • The standard deduction for married couples filing jointly rose by $800, totaling $25,900. It rose by $400 for single taxpayers and married individuals filing separately, totaling $12,950. Heads of households will receive an increase of $600 to the standard deduction: $19,400. 
  • Taxpayers who take the standard deduction will not be able to deduct any charitable contributions on their 2022 tax return. Taxpayers who want to deduct charitable contributions will need to itemize, rather than take the standard deduction.
  • The maximum Earned Income Tax Credit amount is now $6,935 for qualifying taxpayers who have three or more qualifying children. For taxpayers without children, the maximum credit that can be claimed is $560. 
  • The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit has reverted to the maximum of $2,100 for two or more dependents. 
  • Educators can now deduct up to $300 in out-of-pocket expenses for classroom supplies. 
  • Taxpayers who purchased a new, qualified plug-in electric vehicle between 2010 and 2022 may be eligible to claim the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit. The maximum credit is $7,500. 

No Recovery Rebate in 2022

While taxpayers were able to claim the full amount of their IRS federal stimulus payments as a rebate on their 2020 and 2021 tax returns, taxpayers will not be able to claim those stimulus payments in 2022. The federal government did not issue any federal stimulus payments in 2022, so there is no option to claim a rebate on the 2022 tax return.

IRS Encourages Taxpayers to File Electronically and Choose Direct Deposit

The IRS has processed all paper and electronic individual 2021 tax returns received prior to November 2022 that did not require additional review or error-correction. If a taxpayer has not received their 2021 tax refund or if their tax return was not processed, the IRS still encourages taxpayers to file their 2022 return before the April 18, 2023 deadline.

To avoid additional processing delays, the IRS is asking taxpayers to consider e-filing 2022 tax returns and to use direct deposit as an option for obtaining tax refund payments.

No Pennsylvania Tax Forms Available at the Free Library

The Free Library of Philadelphia can no longer obtain Pennsylvania state tax forms and instruction booklets, or the Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate form (PA-1000) due to policy changes with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Alternatively, individual taxpayers may still be able to obtain Pennsylvania state forms using one of the following methods:

  • Viewing and printing forms online
  • Ordering forms online
  • Submitting a telephone request: 1-888-728-2937
  • Submitting a written request:

PA Department of Revenue

Tax Forms Service Unit

1854 Brookwood Street

Harrisburg, PA 17104-2244

  • Visiting a Pennsylvania district office for taxpayer assistance. Please note that district office appointments scheduled in advance are strongly recommended. It is suggested that taxpayers seeking assistance call for an appointment and to verify service offerings per location. Appointments can be scheduled Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 
    • Philadelphia – Center City: STE 204A (Inheritance Tax Office in Suite 204B) 110 N 8TH Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2412,, 215-560-2056
    • Philadelphia – Northeast office: Academy Plaza Shopping Center, 3240 Red Lion Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114-1109,, 215-821-1860

As with the IRS, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is strongly suggesting that taxpayers consider e-filing their 2022 tax returns to avoid filing delays. The Department of Revenue anticipates a period of 8-10 weeks for mailed paper returns to be added to their system, with an additional four weeks for the return to be reviewed and processed.

Need Filing Assistance This Tax Season?

Local organizations continue to have modified tax preparation assistance offerings this year. 

Additional options for free or reduced-cost tax filing:

  • Individuals earning under $66,000 annually may file for free using the United Way and H&R Block’s MyFreeTaxes, available for Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents.
  • The Internal Revenue Service’s Free File program offers two filing options based upon income. 
    • Guided Tax Preparation for filers with an Adjusted Gross Income of $73,000 or less.
    • Free Electronic Fillable Forms for taxpayer of any income level to file.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue uses myPATH, a secure, state-only electronic filing system that allows most taxpayers to prepare and submit their Pennsylvania individual income tax return for free. 
  • The Department of Defense offers MilTax, a program that generally offers free return preparation and e-filing software with no income limit for all military members and some veterans. 

Have a question for Free Library staff? Please submit it to our Ask a Librarian page and receive a response within two business days.

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