Exercising With Baby: Babies Need Exercise, Too!

By Kimberly G. RSS Thu, June 6, 2024

Hey there, new parents and caregivers! It's time to get those little bundles of joy moving and grooving — babies need exercise too!

Picture this: your adorable baby, exploring the world with those tiny hands and feet, building strength and coordination with each little wiggle and giggle. It's not just cute; it's crucial for their healthy development!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, our little ones thrive with about 30 minutes of physical activity throughout the day. And when you think about it, it's no surprise! They've been practicing moves in the womb, preparing for their big debut. But now that they're here, it's time to keep that momentum going. Whether through snuggly baby-wearing while you tackle your to-do list (and reduce those tears!), or engaging in tummy-time adventures, there are plenty of fun ways to keep them active and happy.

And hey, speaking of tummy time, it's like a mini gym session for your little superstar! Strengthening those neck and shoulder muscles and mastering motor skills are all part of the journey to sitting, crawling, and beyond. Check out this video for information on infant tummy time by a pediatric occupational therapist:



We know tummy time might sound like a chore, but trust me, it's worth it! Spread a cozy blanket, get on their level, and make it a bonding experience. Plus, it's a great way to prevent any flat spots from forming on their precious heads. Here’s another great video that demonstrates four tummy time positions:



So, if you're wondering how to keep your baby smiling and thriving, remember that a little exercise goes a long way. Let's cheer on those tiny tots as they embark on their journey of growth and discovery — one adorable wobble at a time!

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