It's Not a Memoir, It's a Book

By Administrator Mon, September 24, 2007

It seems that Augusten Burroughs may have taken some liberties in his characterization of the Turcotte family (aka "the Finches") in his wildly popular Running with Scissors: A Memoir. But Running with Scissors: A Memoir isn't a memoir; it's a "book," at least that is according to a legal agreement reached last month between the Turcotte family and Burroughs (and his publisher, St. Martin's Press). In a 2003 interview for Bookslut, Litsa Dremousis--apparently without prescience--compares Burroughs to JT Leroy (whom she also interviewed that year), saying, "It surprises me that with so many writers, their default position is to compare you to David Sedaris . . . but your background sort of reminds me of JT LeRoy. . . . Stylistically, you guys are day and night, but the thing that you seem to have in common is that your early childhood stories are so similar, that your mothers were mentally ill, you were sexualized early . . . and clearly, you were both born to write. . . ." Apparently Burroughs was nodding along in agreement. Of course, JT Leroy was never born at all--he was a fictional persona, the elaborate figment of Laura Albert's imagination. Perhaps someday she'll publish a memoir about the whole experience. Or will it be a "book"?

Running with Scissors
Running with Scissors


Is this a book in the photo ?
Litsa - Greece Fri, January 23, 2009
Yes, that is the cover of the book.
Camille - Philadelphia Mon, January 26, 2009

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