100 Notable Books of 2008

By Anne L. Thu, December 4, 2008

This is that time of the year when we start to see a multitude of "Best of...." lists.  One of my favorites is always The New York Times "Notable Books of..." for whatever year we happen to be ending.  This year's list isn't officially released until Sunday, December 7, but it's already firmly ensconced in their "most emailed" articles.  So, don't be left out!  Take a look at the attached link to the NYT's vote for "100 Notable Books of 2008" to see how many of these books you have read!  Are there any surprises for you?  Any titles that you think should have been included? 

The Free Library already owns all but one or two of these titles, and we'll be getting those shortly, so take a moment to peruse this rich and very diverse list and click to our catalog to reserve a copy of one or more of these titles.  These lists always make me feel somewhat ill-read, but they are also inspiring.  I see more than one or two titles that I'm going to make sure I read in the new year.  How about you? 

a fiction pick
a fiction pick
a nonfiction pick
a nonfiction pick


So much good reading to get to and so little time! Thanks for the reminder to get motivated.
Mike - Philadelphia Sun, December 07, 2008
I always look forward to this post! It inspires me to reserve things that I might not ordinarily read.
Laura - Example: Philadelphia Tue, December 09, 2008
Excellent find, thank you. My library card will be full this holiday season for sure. I am surprised that the informative book entitled "Driven Out, The Forgotten War Against Chinese-Americans" by Jean Faelzner was not on the list as it was highly acclaimed at last year's Colorado Springs Book Festival, and also one of my all-time favorites to date. Please keep up the great blogging! :0)
Sean - Detroit, MI Sun, December 14, 2008
Was a great fan of "Witches of Eastwick" and was intrigued about the sequel, shall be picking up a copy of that one.
Orill - Birmingham Tue, December 16, 2008
i lov the article its inspirering
teeyanna - Philadelphia Tue, December 16, 2008
i luv high school musical and one tree hill and zoey 101 but at a commercial i read this article over and over again!!!!!
teeyanna harris - Philadelphia Tue, December 16, 2008
Thanks for the article! I will sure take a look at the list!
Frank - Boston Fri, December 19, 2008
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Mario Rossi - Example: Philadelphia Sat, December 27, 2008
Thanks for sharing the 100 notable ebook list. Many of the books listed I have not read before but I'm pretty like to read books on marketing, real life stories of business people and success stories. They have great value in personal development and reflection. While for fictional books, it enhances creativity and inspiration as well as entertainment. Both serves its own purpose and for now, I have to pick up a ficitional book! ************** My Profile: ************** Jerry Website: Blog:
Jerry - Singapore Tue, December 30, 2008
I've been reading Brian Tracy's 'Flight Plan' and that has been quite a helpful book for me, especially when it comes to planning out your life and business. It's still a good read for 2009 too!
Martin - Trang, Thailand Thu, January 08, 2009
2008 has been a great year in terms of reading and thanks to all of the libraries out there as they continue to get better at stocking some of the newest books as they come out.
Edith - Example: Philadelphia Wed, January 14, 2009
NETHERLAND is an excellent, excellent book, pleased that it made it onto the list.
FredD. - Example: Philadelphia Wed, January 21, 2009
I agree Netherland was a very good book, glad to see it get some recognition.
Dave - Philadelphia Wed, January 28, 2009
This blog has high quality content about Best Books. i love to bookmark it. keep up your great work.
Finalo - New York Tue, February 10, 2009
The list of 100 best books of 2008 is good but also Amazon usually posts the top 10 or best selling authors.There's loads of great reading either way. By the way which book is No.1? www.net-ebooks.com www.ebooks-downloads.com
John - Hollywood,Fl. Tue, February 10, 2009
I think i have my new reading list for the year :)
Dave - PA Mon, March 02, 2009
Check out amazon for these books.
Mike - PA Tue, March 03, 2009
i really like this articles, thanks for this
arfan - Philadelphia Thu, May 14, 2009
Mmmm I have only read 3 with the stangest being HIS ILLEGAL SELF Attorneys
South Africa
- Ben - Durban Fri, May 29, 2009
By the way. I noticed one thing. Reading a real book is more enjoyable than e-book. One person said thats true because you can touch it :)
Anglu Kalbos - Vilnius Wed, October 28, 2009
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Rapidshare Ebook - usa Mon, February 15, 2010
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Ed - Ohio Tue, March 09, 2010
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