Celebrate National Poetry Month at the Free Library Festival!

By Shannon G Mon, April 13, 2009
April is National Poetry Month, so stop by the Independence Foundation Poetry Corner (Room 108 of the Parkway Central Library) during the Free Library Festival this weekend and listen to readings by acclaimed poets, such as:

Raymond Luczak
Assembly Required: Notes from a Deaf Gay Life

Saturday, April 18 at 1:00 PM
In Assembly Required, essayist, poet, and playwright Raymond Luczak meditates on what it means to be a gay man living between the deaf and hearing worlds. More info>>

Amiri Baraka | Transbluesency
Saturday, April 18 at 4:00 PM
Transbluesency collects many of poet, playwright, and political activist Amiri Baraka's poems into a single volume, combining "the personal and political in highly charged ways" (Publishers Weekly).
More info>>

Daniel Hoffman | The Whole Nine Yards
Sunday, April 19 at 1:00 PM
Former United States Poet Laureate Daniel Hoffman recently received the Arthur Anse Prize for "a distinctive poet" from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
More info>>

Kevin Young | Dear Darkness
Sunday, April 19 at 2:00 PM
Inspired by the blues and the history of Black America, Kevin Young's poems appear in the New Yorker and the Paris Review, and Publisher's Weekly calls him "perhaps the most prominent African American poet of his generation."
More info>>

Susan Stewart | Red Rover
Sunday, April 19 at 3:00 PM
National Book Critics Circle Award-winner Susan Stewart explores the changing cycles of life in her new poetry collection, beginning with the fall of man and lofting into praise for the green and turning world.
More info>>


The Free Library Festival is a free, two-day event and is guaranteed to be a burst of books, music, and inspiration! For event details and programming, click here.

Raymond Luczak
Raymond Luczak
Kevin Young
Kevin Young
Susan Stewart
Susan Stewart


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- Philadelphia Wed, June 24, 2009
Poetry doesn't get the mainstream attention it truly deserves which is a shame because an even like this could be huge if people were exposed to poetry more often.
Agnes - London Wed, July 01, 2009
I love poetry but it's kinda hard to hear it read live very often :(
- Example: Philadelphia Wed, July 01, 2009
I love reading poetry. Poetry hasn't got the due that it deserves. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tomson - Miami Wed, July 01, 2009
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I love poetry, but couldn't get anymore information, kept getting this message. There are currently no events scheduled. Check back frequently for updates.
Tubs - www.discounthotubs.com Tue, November 02, 2010
next month we celebrate this again please update us we love poetry
adam - johannesburg Mon, March 03, 2014

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