New Website Feature – Extras!

By Camille T. Tue, May 12, 2009

Have you ever wondered:

“Where can I get cool Free Library wallpaper?”

“Is there a way to search the library catalog from my browser?”

“I wonder if the Library Twitters?”

“I need more friends on Facebook... who can I add?”

“Where can I watch Free Library videos?”  

Well, don’t worry; the library’s web development team answered all these questions with our new Extras page!

The Extras page allows you to download Free Library widgets (which can be embedded on a blog or website), desktop wallpaper, link to our social networking sites (twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube), and install a search plug-in which allows you to search our catalog directly from your browser.

You can always find the Extras page by clicking "Extras" at the top-right of every page.

Check out the page and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Grab your Knee Hi wallpaper today, on our Extras page!
Grab your Knee Hi wallpaper today, on our Extras page!


Nice, I have been looking for new desktop wall paper ideas.
Mike - Dallas Sun, May 17, 2009
For long time I was looking for nice and clean descktop wallpaper. All over the web I find only junk and croudy. Thank's for this ones PS I follow on twitter too. You deserve!
Doru - Chicago Tue, May 19, 2009
Knee Hi wallpaper is really wonderful ! Thanks for such a good picture !
Kiruthika - Philadelphia Tue, May 19, 2009
I think it would be a great idea to have open submissions for desktop wallpaper designs. Of course they would have to tie in with the library in some way. I would love to create something that I could share with other library lovers!
Lindsay - Philadelphia Tue, May 19, 2009
They have some really cool and clean wallpapers. Surely a resource to bookmark. Do you guys have wallpapers or medicines with some flashy background. I lost one I had of and haven't found it since.
Rick - Washington Thu, May 21, 2009
Thanks for all the comments everyone. If you have any ideas about new wallpapers, please let us know. We love hearing from you.
Camille T. - Free Library Thu, May 21, 2009
Hi Camille. Great feature list, I cant wait to make use of it :) Thanks, Andrew -
Andrew - Melbourne Australia Mon, June 01, 2009
I love the Wallpapers. Very clean looking! Hope to see more of this. Thanks! _________________________
felipe - Philippines Wed, August 26, 2009
Thanks for sharing I'll share as well,
Karyn - Chicago Wed, September 02, 2009
I think you can search google image for cool wallpaper.
lasik reviews - ctg Thu, October 15, 2009
Look on Google for tons of cool wallpapers...easy as that.
John - Los Angeles Tue, November 10, 2009
You should consider hosting these pics/wallpapers on sites like Flickr or Zenfolio. They are a great way to display your work
Chris - USA Tue, November 24, 2009
It is ok to have find information about wallpapers on this site. I always look for cute wallpapers and i am almost addicted to internet for finding wallpapers on a variety of topics. I am downloading and using your wallpapers for my desktop.
Goyal - Philadelphia Wed, December 02, 2009
I love the knee-hi wallpaper, the dog with glasses reading a book. Good mascot.
Yunar - Texas Fri, December 04, 2009
Nice and fresh look and very easy to navigate site. Keep up the good work. Regard, Mike,
Mike - Los Angeles Mon, January 25, 2010
Very cool wallpaper.. Thanks.
krofta - Philadelphia Fri, February 19, 2010
Thanks for those nice wallpapers. I like the one with the dog most... looks good on my linux gnome-desktop! :-)
Nico - Germany Fri, February 19, 2010
these are great thanks
calgary webdesigner - Calgary Mon, February 22, 2010
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wissenIQ - Germany Thu, March 11, 2010
wish out site can install the Free Library widgets.
Joyce - New Jersey Tue, March 16, 2010
Hi, Thanks for the sharing such a amazing work and resource.I am also interested in Free Library widgets.
Amanda - LA, CA Fri, March 26, 2010
I love collecting wallpapers. Thanks!!
Shashi - Bangalore Fri, May 07, 2010
LOL! that dog is funny. He really looks like it is reading the book. ForestWander - West Virginia Wed, April 20, 2011
The Wallpaper are truly awesome..They have cool graphics and well featured background.
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Bharathi Baskar.B - Chennai Wed, April 01, 2015

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