H1N1 (Swine) Flu Data Available for Free!

By Jen W. Wed, September 9, 2009

EBSCO is now offering free access to Swine Flu research. This free flu information is grouped by information for physicians, nurses and patients.  The patient information is available in 17 languages and includes information on symptoms, treatments, and prevention.

The Free Library offers a number of different health resources that be be accessed by going to our Advanced Search interface from any page on our website.

Pandemic H1N1 Virus
Pandemic H1N1 Virus


My 86 year old mother lives in Philadelphia and heard the libraries and recreation centers are closing. Is this true?
pat - chicago Wed, September 09, 2009
Thank you for your interest in the Free Library. Unfortunately, if the state legislature does not pass a budget and two provisions for Philadelphia shortly, the Free Library, recreation centers, Fairmount Park, and other city services will be closed as of close of business October 2, 2009. You and your mother can get additional information through the city's 311 service.
Jen W. - Philadelphia Thu, September 10, 2009

Estelle - Philadelphia Fri, September 11, 2009
If the libraries close, what will happen to the wonderful author series program?
Estelle - Philadelphia Fri, September 11, 2009
Hello, Does it have any issue the website?Seems down as of today and last 2 days.. Best Regards, Alex from
Alex - Greece Thu, November 26, 2009
I came across this post and found it highly interesting. Thanks for sharing. We, at Medications Online, and people looking for more information about treatments and health in general will certainly find the library page useful.
Mary - Tempe, AZ Thu, January 07, 2010
I am also "OUTRAGED" that Phila Mayor Nutter & Police continue to try and cover up murder, kidnapping and corruption! Liberty and Justice For All!!! JUSTICE FOR MILLS FAMILY http://www.Facebook.com/JusticeForMillsFamily
MIKE PETRACCO - SOUTH PHILLY Tue, November 01, 2011

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