Library Facing Crisis

By Sandy H. RSS Fri, September 11, 2009

The current stalemate in Harrisburg over the two requests for legislation to help the City's budget will cause 53 Library facilities to close at the end of the day Friday, October 2nd unless this legislation is passed.  At stake are over 700 jobs, loss of access to information and resources including 800 public computers for Philadelphians and no place to go after school for over 80,00 students.

 With almost 7 million visits annually and 22 million hits to its website, the Free Library is the most heavily used of all institutions in the city.  As the largest provider of internet access in a City where 41% of homes lack web connection, the Library provides the essential link to information, jobs and resources found only on line.

It is urgent that you contact your state legislator and demand an end to this boondoggle.  Philadelphia needs its libraries which are now used more than ever.  Don't let the folks in Harrisburg take the libraries away! Easy access to contact information is on our website at


Sandy Horrocks

VP, Communications and Development

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I am blogging it and tweeting it. #savephilly #libraries.
Sarah Cohen - Burlington, VT
Monday, September 14, 2009

Learn about our closings here:
How You Can Help:
Camille T. - Free Library
Monday, September 14, 2009

Hi Sandy, I am a freshly minted librarian (KSU May '09)and had a great idea today to help the Ohio libraries who are going through massive budget cuts. I felt that since the Free Library of Philadelphia was at such great risk, perhaps my idea might help in some small way. I suggested to the director of my local branch that they should create specialty license plates for the state libraries. In Ohio, an organization needs 500 signatures of interest to be able to apply for a plate. There are 250 state libraries - that breaks down to 2 signatures per library. A portion of the cost of the plate can be designated as a donation to the organization. I also suggested that there be a public contest to design the graphics on the plate. This would have the affect of increasing patronage, interest and hopefully, that elusive piece of the puzzle - revenue. The director of our branch forwarded the idea on to the county director and to the OLC (Ohio Library Council) for consideration. While this idea alone might not help keep a piece of our nation's library history open - it might help to bring in revenue to other PA libraries and it's a good argument for postponing the closing date. Please share my idea with whomever it would be appropriate to forward to. I hope that PA has similar requirements and that this is of help. Best Regards and Good Luck, Jessica E. DeCaro, MLIS
Jessica - Cleveland
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011