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October 24 marks the birthday of the Roaring Twenties icon Gilda Gray. Born on October 24, 1901 as Marianna Michalska in Krakow, Poland, Gray didn’t get off to the easiest start in life. She… continue reading

By Grace D.   October 24, 2017   

One of the purposes of this blog and of our digital presence, in general, is to expose the public to aspects of the Free Library system they may not be familiar with. Back in October, we delved… continue reading

By Kate C.   December 5, 2016    2

Personally, I am unable to compartmentalize the important language of conservation and the skills that come along with it. I have though applied skills adopted from interning at Collection Care… continue reading

By Brittney M.   July 16, 2015    1

As I continue to intern and unearth fascinating and innovative conservation techniques, I have come to truly realize the significance of conservation. While digitizing the collection, I have had… continue reading

By Brittney M.   July 2, 2015    2