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January 28 is National LEGO Day! LEGO books are almost as numerous as LEGO blocks. You may have even seen some on your neighborhood library shelves – the books, I mean! Guides on How-To?… continue reading Happy National LEGO Day!

By written by Jeff B.    January 28, 2022   

Following an early dismissal on Wednesdays, students from a local middle school pack the floor of the McPherson Square library . With students flocking in prior to regularly scheduled afterschool… continue reading Robots? Where? McPherson Square!

By written by Khyra L.    December 19, 2019   

LEAP , the Literacy Enrichment Afterschool Program, is continuously looking for ways to better serve youth in Philadelphia. On January 25, LEAP hosted training for staff on Trauma Informed… continue reading LEAP Spotlight: Training on Trauma Informed Approach

By written by Molly B.    March 21, 2019   

Type "slime" into any search engine and you’re bound to find a variety of slime-making kits sold through major retailers, links to several YouTube accounts dedicated to slime, and… continue reading It's Time for Slime!

By written by Khyra L.    December 7, 2018    1

For several weeks this past summer, a group of teens from South Philly High School visited  Fumo Family Library for summer programming. One day, a teen wondered aloud where she should… continue reading Teens Collaborate to Create Dedicated Space for Themselves at Fumo Family Library

By written by Abbe K.    February 13, 2018   

By Lisa C. In honor of Philly Tech week last month, Northeast Regional Library hosted their first ever TechXpo where attendees could get a first-hand look at some of the latest technology in… continue reading TechXpo at Northeast Regional Library

By written by Michelle S.    May 29, 2015   

The Maker Movement has been in full swing at the Free Library! Since September we have been offering afterschool maker programming, with an emphasis on introducing youth in North Philadelphia to… continue reading Putting the “A” in STEM: Creativity and Making at the Free Library of Philadelphia

By written by K-Fai S.    November 20, 2013   

This summer through an opportunity from the Maker Ed Initiative and a Project:Connect grant , we partnered with the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education and Design… continue reading Connected Messages: Youth-Created Interactive Murals at the Free Library

By written by K-Fai S.    October 3, 2013   

Want to have a fun-filled day of creativity, learning, and making cool stuff courtesy of Free Library and SparkFun ? The SparkFun tour bus and staff will visit the Cecil B. Moore Library  at… continue reading SparkFun Brings Maker Movement to Cecil B. Moore Library

By written by Peter SM    September 10, 2013   

Since June 2013, more than one hundred youth across Philadelphia have participated in free Maker programming at library locations. For many of these youth, this was the first time they were… continue reading Maker Celebration at Parkway Central this Saturday from 10-2!

By written by K-Fai S.    August 15, 2013   

The Maker Ed Initiative , embedded in five Free Library locations in some of Philadelphia’s most underserved communities, is mentoring teens and youth in a variety of maker activities from… continue reading Making as a Celebration: Increasing Access to Creative Technology at the Free Library of Philadelphia

By written by K-Fai S.    July 31, 2013   

Do you love learning and DIY projects? Are you interested in the intersection and overlap of technology and creativity? You may already be a maker! The Maker Movement generally refers to a… continue reading The Maker Movement at the Free Library of Philadelphia

By written by K-Fai S.    July 22, 2013