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Centennial Exhibition
[Sample Album-p.31]

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Item No: c050310
Additional Title: [Sample Album-p.31]
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Art Exhibit Titles: Barzaghi, Francesco. Young smoker; Bergonzoli, Giulio. Angelic love; Bernasconi, Pietro. Child's first misfortune; Bernasconi, Pietro. Misfortune; Borghi, Ambrogio. Carnival; Butti, Enrico. Once I was rich; Fantachiotti, Cesare. Vanity; Pandiani, Costantino. Moses trampling on the crown of Pharaoh; Pereda, Raimondo. Child's grief; Pereda, Raimondo. Orphans; Pereda, Raimondo. Pretence and sympathy; Ragusa, Vincenzio. Young Bacchus; Ramaschiello, Vincenzo. Cupid on the lookout; Society of Sculptors. Rose's perfume; Society of Sculptors. Young soldier.

Notes: CPC photographs on this page not represented in other categories: 1365, 1747.
Creator Name: Centennial Photographic Co.