Aerial View, Rittenhouse Claridge Apartments

Historical Images of Philadelphia Charles Higgins Negatives
Aerial View, Rittenhouse Claridge Apartments

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Item No: pdch00241
Title: Aerial View, Rittenhouse Claridge Apartments
Historic Street Address: 201 S. 18th Street
Historic Street Address: Rittenhouse Square
Media Type: Photographic Negatives
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Image taken by Philadelphia Evening Bulletin photographer Charles T. Higgins.  Notes on the negative's envelope read:  "Dec 1953, aerial views, Rittenhouse Claridge Apartments"

This December 1953, image shows an aerial view of the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Center City, Philadelphia.  Rittenhouse Square (originally called Southwest Square) is one of William Penn's planned open-space public parks, built in 1683.  It is seen in the lower right corner of this photograph.  By the late 18th century, the square grew into an upscale historic neighborhood.   After World War II, the Victorian residences that ringed the park gave way to high-rises, with the Rittenhouse Square apartment buildings being built in 1951.  Among the apartment buildings shown is the Rittenhouse Claridge, the light-colored building in the foreground. 

Creation Year: 1953
Geocode Latitude: Geocode Longitude:-75.170316
Geocode Latitude:39.949832

Creator Name: Higgins, Charles - Photographer