Bird's-eye view of grounds from reservoir

Centennial Exhibition
Bird's-eye view of grounds from reservoir

Item Info

Item No: c062064
Title: Bird's-eye view of grounds from reservoir
Additional Title: [Bird's-]Eye View of Grounds From Reservoir
Series: Stereoview
Media Type: Stereoviews
Notes: 1 stereograph; 11 x 18 cm.
Notes: Aerial view of the exhibition from the reservoir.
Notes: Architects: Michigan State Building - N/A; New Hampshire State Building - N/A; Connecticut State Building - D.R. Brown, from a design by Donald G. Mitchell; Massachusetts State Building - N/A; Delaware State Building - N/A; Maryland State Building - N/A; U.S. Government Building - James H. Windrim; Main Exhibition Building - Henry Pettit & Joseph M. Wilson; Machinery Hall - Henry Pettit & Joseph M. Wilson.
Notes: Mounted on backing board.
Notes: Title on damaged label: ...eye view of grounds from reservoir.
Creator Name: Centennial Photographic Co.