Treaty Tree [graphic].

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Item No: pdcj00029
Title: Treaty Tree [graphic].
Media Type: Lithographs
Source: Print and Picture Collection - Jackson Collection of American Lithographs

Free Library of Philadelphia: Jackson Collection of Early Lithographs - J 29


From Watson, John F. Historic Tales of Olden Times: Concerning the Early Settlement and Progress of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: E. LIttell and Thomas Holden, 1833. Opposite p. 73.


Penn's treaty with the Indians, 1682.


Print, probably a book illustration, after the Benjamin West painting (1771) showing the treaty made at the village of Shackamaxon (i.e. Penn Treaty Park, Kensington) on the Delaware River. Penn, surrounded by his delegates, negotiates with the Delaware Indian chief near a giant elm tree. Crates of goods are sat upon and displayed by the English delegation. Also shows residences standing in the background.

Creation Year: ca. 1828
Image Dimensions Width: 11 cm
Creator Name: Mumford, Edward, 1812-1858, artist. - Artist