[Storefronts on Market Street, 300 block, south side, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Historical Images of Philadelphia Castner Scrapbook Collection
[Storefronts on Market Street, 300 block, south side, Philadelphia] [graphic].

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Item No: pdcc00004
Title: [Storefronts on Market Street, 300 block, south side, Philadelphia] [graphic].
Historic Street Address: 300 block of Market Street, south side
Media Type: Lithographs
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Free Library of Philadelphia: Castner 14:94


Rug and carpet industry


Trimmed advertisement showing the five-story storefronts marked with pre-consolidation addresses. Includes S. F. Nidelet, silk store (124 Market); Sleeper & Brothers, umbrellas and parasols (126 Market); Richie & Ennis, umbrella and parasol manufactory and Caleb F. Clarke & Co., clothing store (128 Market). Signage adorns the buildings and merchandise displays are visible in the windows and doorways of the businesses. A gentleman stands within the clothing store and umbrellas hang from the windows of Richie & Ennis. Also shows the Fourth Street side of the corner building. Crates line the wall of the building and signage for the business tenanting the cellar of 128 Market, J. Roberts Jones, rugs and blinds, is visible. The businesses were listed at the shown addresses in 1841.


Umbrella industry

Creation Year: ca. 1841
Geocode Latitude: Geocode Longitude:-75.147254
Geocode Latitude:39.950362

Creator Name: Castner, Samuel, Jr., 1843-1929 - Compiler