[Centennial Memorial] [graphic] / L. Maurer.

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[Centennial Memorial] [graphic] / L. Maurer.

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Item No: pdcp00038
Title: [Centennial Memorial] [graphic] / L. Maurer.
Media Type: Lithographs
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Allegorical print showing the figure of liberty holding a laurel wreath over a bust of George Washington that is mounted on a pedestal reading "E. Pluribus Unum 1876 1776". The image of two overlapping torches separates the dates on the pedestal and an American flag drapes the bust. The figures are surrounded by an eagle, American flags and oak leaves intertwined with a banner that reads "These United Colonies Are And Of Right Ought To Be Free And Independent States," a quote from the Declaration of Independence.


Copyrighted by the "Centennial Album."


Free Library of Philadelphia: Philadelphiana - Centennial

Creation Year: ca. 1875
Creator Name: Maurer, Louis, 1832-1932 - Artist
Heppenheimer & Maurer - Printer
Heppenheimer & Maurer - Publisher