Statue of Jefferson

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Item No: pdcj00038
Title: Statue of Jefferson
Media Type: Lithographs
Source: Print and Picture Collection - Jackson Collection of American Lithographs

"Presented to Congress by Capt. U.P. Levy U.S.N. For the Democrtatic Review."


A representation of a statue in plaster of Thomas Jefferson holding the Declaration of Independence by Pierre-Jean David D'Angers (1833). Uriah Phillips Levy, a naval officer and wealthy New York real estate investor, so admired Jefferson that he commissioned the sculpture. (Eliza McGraw's Two Covenants: Representations of Southern Jewishness)

Creation Year: ca. 1840
Image Dimensions Width: 12 cm
Creator Name: D'Angers, David - Artist
Michelin's Lith., New York - Publisher
Vaudricourt, A. (act. 1833-1850), 140 Nassau St., NY - Lithographer