Photographic Association Studio

Centennial Exhibition
Photographic Association Studio

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Item No: c090500
Title: Photographic Association Studio
Additional Title: Photographic Association Studio
Series: Lithograph
Media Type: Lithographs
Notes: "Photogr. Gesellschaft, Assotiation [sic] photographique."

Lithograph Caption:

The Centennial Board of Finance ceded to the Centennial Photographic Company, before the Exhibition opened, the exclusive privilege of selling and making photographic pictures and articles tending to their production and use within the International Exhibition. For the purpose of taking and making the pictures the association erected a studio or hall on the east side of Belmont Avenue. The building attracts attention from the fact that it is without windows, showing walls and decorations which, by the softening of art, subtract from the appearance of what otherwise would be an uninteresting structure. A piazza, porch and balustrade on the exterior are prominent features, and the front is elevated and handsomely finished. The building is 86 feet 6 inches front by 125 feet in depth, and is but one story in height. It is constructed on the sides of a hollow square, the courtyard being decorated as a garden with flowers and shrubbery. The interior of the building is lighted with skylights designed for photographic convenience. The front portion of the studio is reached by a wide stairway communicating with the reception-room and two galleries for the exhibition of photographs. There are three operating-rooms for taking pictures, rooms for finishing them, waiting-rooms and public and private offices. The entire structure is perfectly arranged for the object intended, and its use has given great satisfaction. Architect, H. J. Schwarzmann; builder, John Duncan. Cost, $25,000.

Notes: 1 lithograph; 12 x 22 cm.
Notes: Architects: H.J. Schwarzmann and Hugh Kafka.
Notes: Removed from: Centennial portfolio / Thompson Westcott. Philadelphia : T. Hunter, 1876.
Notes: The Building, situated in a landscaped field with trees in the background. People stroll in the foreground.
Creator Name: Westcott, Thompson. Centennial portfolio.
Thomas Hunter, lithographer.