Anycar III 1975 Rear View

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Anycar III 1975 Rear View

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Item No: arcm00264
Title: Anycar III 1975 Rear View
Production Year: 1975
Media Type: Photographic Prints
Source: Automobile Reference Collection

 "ANYCAR III," as visually dynamic as its two predecessors, is an amalgamation of parts from some 40 different auto makes and models mated to body of a 1974 Volkswagen station wagon. Created by noted car designer George Barris, Manufacturers Hanover Trust's third model of its uniquely designed series of AnyCars is true asymmetrical car. No particular components are dominant nor no two parts similar. In addition, a new dimension has been added to AnyCar III. Under its hood is four-speed, battery-powered, 27-inch-wide "Mini-AnyCar" designed for short-range travel. 

From: George G. Farrell, Public Relations

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