Centennial Exhibition from Observatory, George's..

Centennial Exhibition
Centennial Exhibition from Observatory, George's..

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Item No: c140002
Title: Centennial Exhibition from Observatory, George's..
Additional Title: [Centennial Exhibition From Observatory,Geor...]
Series: Cremer Photograph
Media Type: Albumen Prints
Notes: 1 silver albumen print; 15 x 20 cm.
Notes: Aerial view of exhibition grounds with buildings, roads, and railroad tracks visible.
Notes: Architects: Rhode Island State Building -- Wm. R. Walker & T.J. Gold; George's Hill Restaurant -- H.J. Schwarzmann & Hugh Kafka; Hungarian Wine Pavilion -- H.J. Schwarzmann; New York State Building -- Croff & Camp; Missouri State Building -- L.C. Miller; U.S. Government Building -- James H. Windrim; Women's Pavilion -- H.J.Schwarzmann; New Jersey State Building -- Carl Pfeiffer; Agricultural Hall -- James H. Windrim.
Notes: Exhibit titles: Rhode Island State Building, Bldg. #99; George's Hill Restaurant, Bldg. #90; Hungarian Wine Pavilion, Bldg. #55.5 [sic]; Centennial Police Station, Bldg. #174; Pacific Coast Hall/California State Building, Bldg. #94; New York State Building, Bldg. #74; Missouri State Building, Bldg. #70; Massachusetts State Building, Bldg. #63; New Hampshire State Building, Bldg. #61; U.S. Government Building, Bldg. #51; Women's Pavilion, Bldg. #153; United States Army Post Hospital, Bldg. #52; New Jersey State Building, Bldg. #155; Agricultural Hall, Bldg. #152.
Notes: Mounted on backing board.
Notes: Title supplied by cataloger.
Creator Name: James Cremer - Photographer