[Season Centennial pass issued to H.W. Alexande...

Centennial Exhibition
[Season Centennial pass issued to H.W. Alexande...

Item Info

Item No: c160024
Title: [Season Centennial pass issued to H.W. Alexande...
Additional Title: season pass (leather pouch only)
Series: Realia
Media Type: Realia
Notes: 1 pass; in leather case 12 x 9 x 1 cm. + 1 display card
Notes: Border ennumerates dates, some of which have been punched out.
Notes: Cataloger's title.
Notes: Centennial Exhibition exhibitor's season pass in leather case with display card.
Notes: Display card says, "Season Centennial pass issued to H. W. Alexander of Alexander Bros, exhibitor. (See card below). Presented to the Free Library by his son Mr. H. W. Alexander, Jr."
Notes: Inherited by H. W. Alexander Jr., who donated to the Free Library of Philadelphia.
Notes: Leather case has Exposition crest stamped in gold on outside; inner flap is stamped "W. Schollenberger & Sons, satchel & pocket book manfs. Philadelphia."
Notes: Pass consists of folded card; outside reads "International Exhibition, Philadelphia, May 10th, Nov. 10th No. 22845, Mr. H. W. Alexander as exhibitor, country, U. S., class 1711 [signed], David G. Yates, Gen'l Manager Dept. Admissions." Inside of pass contains oval photograph of Mr. Alexander embossed around edge with "International Exhibition, Philad'a, May 10th to Nov. 10th, 1876. "Within decorative border are the words, "Not transferable; forfeited if presented by any but the proper owner," and facing, "This ticket only good for one daily admission. The holder will obtain a pass check on leaving the grounds to return."