Slate roof house, 2nd & Sansom

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Item No: pdcl00025
Title: Slate roof house, 2nd & Sansom
Additional Title: Slate Roof House, 2nd and Sansom, circa 1864
Historic Street Address: Second and Sansom Streets
Media Type: Stereoviews
Source: Print and Picture Collection
Notes: "Originally built between 1687 and 1699, this house was once a residence of William Penn. Having passed through numerous transformations and abuses largely resulting from the commercial uses to which it was subjected, the building was ultimately abandoned. Its gradual deterioration through lack of care led to its demolition in 1867, a few years after this photograph was taken."--OPEP, p. 26.
Notes: Corner view of slate roof house with sign "John C. Rogers, Sign Painter" attached to the side of the building. Streetcar tracks in the center of the street; street lamp at the corner of sidewalk.
Bibliography: Reprinted in: Old Philadelphia in early photographs, 1839-1914/edited by Robert F. Looney. New York: Dover Publications, c1976.

Creation Year: ca. 1864
Geocode Latitude: Geocode Longitude:-75.1442
Geocode Latitude:39.9473

Creator Name: Moran, John, 1831-1903 - Photographer