Masonic Temple, North Broad Street at Penn Square

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Masonic Temple, North Broad Street at Penn Square

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Item No: pdcl00161
Title: Masonic Temple, North Broad Street at Penn Square
Additional Title: Masonic Temple, Broad and Filbert Streets, northeast corner
Historic Street Address: Broad & Filbert Streets
Media Type: Photographic Prints
Source: Print and Picture Collection
Notes: "The stately Masonic Temple, some thirty years old at the time of this photograph, seems a symbol of stability, for it remains virtually unchanged today. Across Broad Street, however, the site of Reyburn Plaza and the present Municipal Services Building was filled with residences turned to the uses of commerce. These buildings, along with the structure belonging to Hunt, Wilkinson and Company, at the extreme right, were demolished after 1905, the latter giving place to the first home of the Evening Bulletin."--OPEP, p. 166.
Notes: The building. To the north is the Arch Street Methodist Church. Commercial buildings line the streets. Pedestrians, a streetcar, horses and carriages, and streetcar tracks in street. Firms include: "Charles Leedom. Chemist and Druggist" ; "Hunt, Wilkinson & Co. Furniture and curtains. 1321 Filbert St."
Bibliography: Reprinted in: Old Philadelphia in early photographs, 1839-1914/edited by Robert F. Looney. New York: Dover Publications, c1976.

Creation Year: 1902
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