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Item No: arcd00707
Title: Bug-1960
Production Year: 1960
Media Type: Photographic Prints
Source: Automobile Reference Collection

From: Robert I. Young, Continentel Advertising Associates, 300 Motor Avenue, Azusa, California

Completely new for 1960, Bug Engineering has incorporated to the full advantage a hydraulic spot disc brake, plus a live axle on all models. Hands Timken bearing aluminum wheels, upholstery, aide rails, paint, and rear bumper also are standard equipment. The frame is readily adaptable for single stock, single super, stock twin, or super twin engines with teh minimum amount of changeover. Prices atart at $199.99 (single A-400 Clinton).

Bug Engineering. 330 South Irwindale Avenue. Azusa, California. 

Creation Year: 1960