Buick Special-1961

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Item No: arcd00838
Title: Buick Special-1961
Production Year: 1961
Media Type: Photographic Prints
Source: Automobile Reference Collection

 For Release: P.M. Editions, September 26, 1960

Buick's New-Sized Car-The Special

Big car comfort and styling are combined with the economy of the small car in Buick's entirely new, lightweight Special four-door sedan, powered by the first American aluminum V08 engine in the automobile industry. The Buick Special is mounted on a 112-inch wheelbase, is 188 inches long and weighs only 2,700 pounds, some 1,600 pounds lighter than conventional-size Buicks. Its high-compression V-8 engine develops 155 horsepower and gives it lively performance comparable to the bigger models in the Buick line. The Buick Special comes in two body styles, a four-door sedan and a four-door wagon, with a deluxe version offered in each. A newly designed dual-path turbine drive transmission is offered as optional equipment. 

Buick Motor Division-Flint, Michigan