Three New Big Six Chandlers-1927

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Three New Big Six Chandlers-1927

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Item No: arcd01559
Title: Three New Big Six Chandlers-1927
Production Year: 1927
Media Type: Photographic Prints
Source: Automobile Reference Collection

 Here are three new body styles in the Chandler Big Six series. The top picture is the new Metropolitan Sedan De Luxe for five passengers, directly below is the smart 4-passenger Coupe, while the lower view, is the dashing Comrade Roadster. 

All are powered by Chandler's famed Pikes Peak Motor which has won a score of hill climbing, speed and durability records in this country and abroad. They are finished in attractive duotone lacquer color combinations, and are luxuriously upholstered. 

Mechanical features include the Chandler "One Shot" system of automatic chassis lubrication, which permits the owner to thoroughly lubricate every moving chassis part by merely depressing a plunger, four wheel mechanical brakes, air cleaner, oil filter and thermostatic heating control.