Three New Chandler Royal Eight Models

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Three New Chandler Royal Eight Models

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Title: Three New Chandler Royal Eight Models
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 Four new models have been added to Chandler's Royal Eight line since the opening of the New York Automobile Show. The three pictured here are the new Seven Passenger Sedan which is finished in either Two-Tone Fawn or Dark Blue; the companionable Four Passenger Coupe, finished in Sheridan Gray or Two-Tone Green; and the smart Sport Roadster with rumble seat which comes in Two-Tone Fawn with a striking 2 1/2'' stripe of Madenna REd between the bead at the top of each door. All models in the Royal Eight line are powered with Chandler's new straight eight development of its world-famed Pikes Peak motor, and are completely equipped. 

The "One Shot" system of centralized chassis lubrication, air cleaner, oil filter, thermostatic heat control, four wheel brakes and self-adjusting spring shackles are some of the mechanical features of the Royal Eight chassis.