Old Friends Meet Again

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Item No: arcd01660
Title: Old Friends Meet Again
Production Year: 1937
Media Type: Photographic Prints
Source: Automobile Reference Collection

 This picture, taken at the National Motor Truck Show, held last week at Newark, New Jersey, shows a de luxe sport model Chalmers of the vintage of 1909. Frederick O. Bezner, one of the three original founders of the Hudson Motor Car Company, is seated at the wheel. Mr. Bezner now resides in London, England. Left to Right: Logan T. Wood, brother of Gar Wood and vice president of Gar Wood Industries, Inc. Frederick O. Bezner (at wheel) H.W. "Zip" Kizer of NEw York City, Texaco superintendent of motor equipment and an old-time racing driver, and Frank H. Dewey, Gar Wood executive. 


From: Gar Wood Industries, Inc. Detroit, November 15, 1937


Creator Name: Newark Photo Studio - Photographer