ALs to T.J. Serle

Charles Dickens
ALs to T.J. Serle

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Item No: cdc531201
Title: ALs to T.J. Serle
Accession Number: 2009-18
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Broadstairs, Kent.
Tenth August 1848.
My Dear Serle
Unless you should think it absolutely necessary for us to meet on Esther Elton's return, I would propose to defer it until October, as I am curing and pickling here, for winter preservation.  But a second summons from you, will produce me at any time.
The account shall be got from the banker's, and sent to you.
I am sorry the coffee has gone to the dogs, instead of the men and women for whom it was intended.  What a surprising time the dogs must have had of it, this year or two past!  All sorts of commerce and enterprize, trades and professions, seem to have gone to them.  They must have been greatly disconcerted, one would think, by the enormous number of unexpected visitors that have "dropped in", and never taken leave again.
I understand that the British Drayma is kenneled somewhere near Haymarket, where the dogs are very busy with it indeed.
                                                                                                                Ever Faithfully Yours
T. J. Serle, Esquire                                                                                         Charles Dickens

MssDate: Tenth August 1848.
Media Type: Letters
Source: Rare Book Department

Record created by BZ.

Recipient: Serle, Thomas James, 1798-1889
Provenance: Bonham's/Holmes, June 2009, Green Fund.


The Letters of Charles Dickens, Pilgrim Edition, Volume Five, 1847-1849, p. 391.

Country: Country:England
City/Town/Township:Broadstairs, Kent

Call Number: DL Se67 1848-08-10
Creator Name: Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 - Author

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