ALs to Frank Stone

Charles Dickens
ALs to Frank Stone

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Item No: cdc329801
Title: ALs to Frank Stone
Accession Number: 87-723
Physical Description: [3] p.
Material: paper

Devonshire Terrace
            Tuesday Twenty First November

My Dear Stone
   I send you, herewith, the second part of the book, which I hope may interest you.  If you should prefer to have it read to you by the Inimitable, rather than to read it, I shall be at home this evening (loin of mutton at 1/2 past 5) and happy to do it.
   The proofs are full of printers' errors, but with the few corrections I have scrawled upon it, you will be able to make out what they mean.
   I send you, on the opposite side, a list of the subjects already in hand for this second part. If you should see no other in it that you like (I think it important that you should keep Milly, as you have begun with her) I will, in a day or two, describe you an unwritten subject from the third part of the book.

                                                           Ever Faithfully
                                                                Charles Dickens

                                           Subjects in hand, for the second part.


1. Illuminated page. Tenniel. Representing Redlaw going upstairs, and the Tetterby family below.
2. The Tetterby supper. Leech.
3. The boy, in Redlaw's room, munching his food, and staring at the fire.



MssDate: Tuesday Twenty First November 1848
Media Type: Letters
Source: Rare Book Department

Milly is a character in The Haunted Man.  Stone illustrated "Milly and the Student".


On mourning paper (for Dickens's sister Fanny Burnett)


Record created by HM/BZ

Recipient: Stone, Frank, 1800-1859
Provenance: Gift of Mrs. D. Jacques Benoliel, 12/6/54.


The Letters of Charles Dickens, Pilgrim Edition, Volume Five, 1847-1849, p. 443-444.

Country: Country:England
Creation Place Note:Devonshire Terrace

Call Number: DL St71f 1848-11-21
Creator Name: Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 - Author

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